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Closing Florida Home for Season Checklist


Three Weeks Before Leaving:

  • Make appointment for HVAC maintenance check & have HVAC professional calibrate humidistat

  • Call home telephone company to suspend service during your absence

  • Review Homeowner’s Insurance policy and update, if necessary

  • Determine what methods you will use to control relative humidity and/or control fungal growth in your home

  • Choose someone you trust to check on your home & provide them with house keys

  • Arrange for lawn care

  • Arrange to have hurricane shutters inspected and hung

Two Weeks Before Leaving:

  • Obtain timers for lamps, radios, or other appliances

  • Forward mail through USPS

  • Leave a copy of your homeowner’s insurance, agent’s name, and number in a conspicuous place

  • Begin using methods to control relative humidity such as:

    • Run air conditioning on humidistat settings to test reliability (running 2 hours a day)

    • Purchase desiccants

    • Clean with fungicidal products to remove existing fungal spores

    • Place DampRid moisture absorbers in closets

    • Check that dehumidifier is working (if you choose to use one)

      Place in central location and secure continuous drain

One Week Before Leaving:

  • Put newspaper, cable, and internet services on “seasonal” hold

  • Clean fridge and freezer & dispose of foods and spices that will not keep

  • Vacuum upholstered furnishing to get rid of mold spores

  • Bring furniture and lawn decorations inside

  • Remove interior and exterior plants in pots and containers

Two Days Before Leaving:

  • Fill several jugs with tap water in case your home watch service needs it

  • Turn fridge to lowest setting and dispose of opened condiments and perishable food

  • Dispose of carbonated drinks

  • Turn icemaker off and empty tray

The Day You Leave:

  • Empty fridge and freezer, put open bowl of baking soda in, disconnect, and leave doors open

  • Run ice cubes and 3 tablespoons of baking soda in the garbage disposal to clean blades

  • Empty dishwasher

  • Set timers on lights

  • Drain and disconnect water heater

  • Strip bedding

  • Turn fans on low to circulate air more efficiently

  • Cover drains with stopper and duct tape

  • Cover and seal toilets with saran wrap

  • If using chemical mildew inhibitors, cover air passages with 2 ml plastic

  • Set alarm system

  • Check air conditioner for accurate settings

    For a programmable thermostat, contact Florida Power & Light for recommended setting

  • Set off bug bombs/foggers, if desired

  • Lock doors and secure exterior